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From Mystara Cyclopica

Please check out The Comprehensive History of Mystara by Michael Diehm while I get this page into order..


King Reign
Mealiden 700 BC-350 BC
Alevar Grunalf 350 BC-100 AC
Celedryl Erendyl 100 AC-700 AC
Doriath Erendyl 700 AC-present

Is anything known about past clanholders?

Thyatian Empire

See Thyatis (Duchy) for the empire as a whole.


A small island south-east of Hattias

BC 475 Thyatian settlers colonise the island over Hattian objection, follows Thyatian sequence thereafter
AC 287-313 timeframe: Becomes a County under Lord Knight Heraclonian Chrysavian
Actavius dynasty
?-989 Hamil Actavius
989- Fleet Captain Geraldan Actavius
BC 490 Vassianis founded
BC 490-192 control passed back and forth between Kerendans and the Alaysians
BC 192 destroyed in the Alphatian conquest of Thyatis
BC 160 Selim ben Hassan founds the Alaysian community of Biazzan
1st decade of the 1st Century AC Thyatis occupies and fortifies the pass
? Local ruler (Caid) becomes a Baron of the Empire
?-999 Hussein Biazzan
998- Babrak Muhammad Al-Fahmas Biazzan (regent until 999)

An island east of Hattias

BC 468 Hattian settlement established for raiding Alphatian shipping, Settlement angers Thyatisleading to the 2nd Thassalanian War
? - c. AC 600 Barony
c. AC 600 - present Protectorate status under the control of the Thyatian Navy, used as a proving ground
1st C. BC/AC Dwarven colonists of the Southern Altan Tepes largely break with the Rockhome kingship
AC 12 Dwarven settlement at Makrast recognized as a Thyatian Barony (Buhrohur)
996- Gilla, Baroness, Dulgardar, & Clan Head

An island east of Thyatis and Hattias in the western sea of dawn

BC 475 Thyatian settlers colonise the island over Hattian objection
? - present Protectorate status under the control of the Thyatian legions
BC 450 Town of Halathius founded by Thyatian settlers to mine gold discovered in the Altan Tepes Mountains
AC 197-202 timeframe ? Became a County

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The duchy of Thyatis is the core of the Empire of Thyatis. Througout the history of the Empire, the duchy has been the personal holding of the emperor, thus the history of the rulers of the duchy is the history of the empire.

6th Century BC Thyatian tribe migrate to Brun from Davania
BC 498 Tarlin Rex, brutal and corrupt king of thyatis is overthrown.
498-460 Archonium
BC 498-489 1st Thassalanian War between Thyatis and Hattias
467-462 2nd Thassalanian War between Thyatis and Hattias
460-450 Democracy leading to Anarchy
BC 457-451 Kerendan-Thyatian war
453-452 Siege of Thyatis City
452 Polytius Nobilissimus Trenzantenbium elected General
450 Polytis Nobilissimus Trenzantenbium becomes Rex-Consul
450-400 Polytian Age / Golden Age
440 formation of the Thyatian League
400-380 Conflict of Orders
380-297 Rex Thenorian Bellantius
297-192 Period of Senate rule
BC 192/190 Alphatian Conquest
192-0 Alphatian Rule
2-0 Kingdom declared under Lucinius Trenzantenbium
AC 0 Modern Empire established, under Zendrolion Tatriokanitas
AC 0-59 Tatriokanitas dynasty
59-117 Scaurus dynasty
117-313 Isauricus dynasty
313-320 Civil War period
320-412 Kerdolion dynasty
412-557 Doranius dynasty
541-550 conflict????
557-574 non-dynastic period
574-644 Monomachos dynasty
644-728 Tatzianes dynasty
728-795 Dalessenos dynasty
795-799 non-dynastic period
799-876 Porphirio dynasty
876-960 Eusebos dynasty
878-897 Unstable period, empire split E-W
960- Torion dynasty