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From Mystara Cyclopica


by Marco Dalmonte

(Ayazi/ Himayeti/ Aksyri, Dazbog, Horon, Idu, Orisis, Otzitiotl, Pyrak, Pyro, Solarios, Sun Prince, Tabak, Tubak the Lawgiver, Tyr, Warruntam, Xi-Yang)

Lord of Light and Energy

Level, Alignment, Sphere: 36th (Hierarch), NG, Energy

Symbol: a flaming wheel

Portfolio: light, sun, fire, power, heroism, war, knowledge, banishing darkness, fighting Entropy and Evil, preserve universal balance

Worshipped in: Alphatia, Bellissaria, Immortal's Arm (Eshu, Gombar), Cestia, Savage Coast (El Grande Carrascal, Dunwick, Gargoña, Narvaez, Nimmur, Wallara Tribelands, Torreón), Davania (Brasol, Emerond, Izonda, Meghala Kimata, Meghales Amosses, Vulcania), Great Waste, Pearl Islands, Isle of Dawn (Redstone, Shadow Coast), Hollow World (Azcans, Jennites, Milenians, Neathars, Nithians, Oltecs, Tanagoro, Traldars), Known World (Darokin, Ethengar, Glantri, Ierendi, Northern Reaches, Sind, Thyatis,), Skothar (Jen, Minaea, Nentsun, Tangor, Thonia, Zyxl), Yazak Steppes, Yavdlom


a male whose race changes depending on those who observe him. No matter which race he belongs to, however, he has always a long mane of shining golden hair, flaming eyelids and his skin tone has a golden hue. He wears a golden silk robe and carries a flaming sword at his belt, and always moves around on a giant flying flaming wheel.


Ixion is one of the so called "ancient immortals", since his origins are lost in the mists of time and he states he does not remember (or he does not want to reveal) how he became immortal. Ixion has helped Ka and Ordana to create the Hollow World, in the attempt to save the endangered races of Mystara (and thus earning the scorn of Fugit from the Sphere of Time, who instead thinks nobody should play with destiny), and is much active as Hierarch of Energy in whichever plot involves the safeguard and the growth of the Sphere of Energy.


Ixion is the embodiment of the sun in all its glory, and he has been worshipped by mortals since the beginning of times as patron of light, life and the natural order of universe opposed to chaos and death. As Tubak the Lawgiver he is revered for his ability to rule using the wisdom of common sense rather than through iron laws. Ixion promotes knowledge as means to reach salvation: the wise men are those who leave the darkness of ignorance to gaze upon the light of knowledge (and this is another aspect of his role of "light-bearer"). He pursues the victory of the positive spheres (led by Energy) against the negative influence of Entropy. He does not like strict codes or laws, so the only rules he preaches to his faithfuls are not to oppose Entropy and its followers, to maintain peace with every means (also with war) and to always pay him due worship.

Ixion embodies perfectly the sphere of Energy: full passion and vigour, ironic, hot-tempered and always in motion, but also contemplative, thoughtful, wise and lenient. His most trusted allies are Valerias (his eternal soul-mate, despite all the quarrels that mark their relationships), Asterius (the most clever and merciless enemy of Entropy) and Ka (who shares Ixion's goal of protecting universal balance and the Hollow World). His most hated enemies on the other hand are the most powerful and ruthless among the Entropics, that is to say Thanatos, Hel and Atzanteotl.

Patron: Unknown (probably nobody)

Allies: Valerias (his mate), Ka, Asterius

Enemies: Atzanteotl, Thanatos, Hel

Classic D&D Stats:

Followers' Alignment: clerics and follow to us can be of any alignment

Favoured weapon: none (clerics can use all types of bows and crossbows, mace, warhammer, two-handed sword, scimitar, and the thrown weapons that belong to the cleric's culture)

Clerics' skills and powers: +1 bonus to all dices rolled to turn undead; +1 bonus hit and damage rolls against undead; clerics can freely cast the druidic spell Produce Fire twice a day.

Paladins' skills and powers: Lay on Hands, +2 bonus vs Death Ray.

D&D3E Stats:

Domains: Energy, Good, Fire, Sun, War, Knowledge

Preferred weapon: two-handed sword

Sources: HW, WotI, GAZ12, HWR1, HWR2, HWR3, SCS, CoM, DotE, GAZ4, IM1, IM3, Immortal set