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From Mystara Cyclopica

I have been trying to find out more about the setting from some old D&D books I have which, after some research, I found to by Mystara. The official website is The Vaults of Pandius which has done an excellent job of gathering all Mystara related material into one place. However, navigation is done by a few long lists which make it hard for people like me to figure out what is significant and what is not. The Newbie's Guide to Mystara does an excellent job of explaining the very basics but it is not hyperlinked back to the vaults making it hard to find out more information.

I decided that it might be preferable to have a wiki as the increased editability would provide protection against abandonment and it would be easier to create overviews of History etc. Plus the vaults' design is slightly showing its age so I decided a modern-looking wiki might be more appealing. (people can make their own minds up about how successful I have been with that).

It was at this point I found Cyclopedia Mystara, one such wiki. Except... not quite. It seems that the founder has disabled anonymous editing and account creation and now abandoned the site. Fortunately, the content is licensed under CC-BY-SA so I have used it as the basis for this wiki while I figure out what content is relevant and how to record it here.

Welcome to Mystara Cyclopica!

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